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Download WhatsApp 2020 for Windows – WhatsApp 2020 is no wonder as the application itself has gained great fame and success in all these years. Not only favorable for being installed at smartphone, but WhatsApp also crawls to steal the heart of Windows’ users. WhatsApp Web Versus WhatsApp 2020 for Windows. It has been well-known that WhatsApp is a messenger application which has some features to ease people in communicating. Multimedia file sharing and group chatting are some of its best features. It was made for cross-platforms: Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows, and Windows Phone.As for PC desktop, WhatsApp was firstly launched in 2015. It was started with WhatsApp for Google Chrome. Not long after, more or less in a month, it is followed by Mozilla Firefox and Opera. This browser version WhatsApp is called WhatsApp Web. In other words, this messenger application technically runs with the help from browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera). To open their WhatsApp account, people go to the intended browser first. Only then they can run to WhatsApp.

Recently, for you Windows’ users, there appears to be a new way to have WhatsApp in your desktop. People commonly call it WhatsApp 2020. In order to open WhatsApp from your PC, you do not have to go to browser every time you want to log in. Simply WhatsApp for Windows, install it and you can directly click on the shortcut to log in. So, as there are two kinds of WhatsApp applications for your PC, which one is better? Which one should you install? Let’s get to know both similarity and difference in advance.

WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp 2020: Similarity and Difference. There is no general, exact answer to such aforementioned questions. It all depends on the users to choose their favorable way to sign in to their WhatsApp account through PC. The similarity between these two ways of signing up is comfort. Scrolling up, reading and typing your messages can not be more comfortably done through a wider screen. This is the ultimate benefit of installing the application on your PC. The next similarity deals with effectivity. Having WhatsApp in your PC will save up more of your time checking messages at your phone. You do not have to look at it frequently just to make sure someone gets you a message.

However, these two ways differ in time efficiency. Using WhatsApp Web, you will always have to go to browser before signing up. WhatsApp  will take you directly to your account. Yet, WhatsApp  requires you to download and install the application. Which one do you prefer? Installing an application or simply go to browser to save up your PC storage even just for a little space? Whether or not to Download WhatsApp 2020 for Windows is all in your hands.

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