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Download WhatsApp 2019 APK Latest Version

Download WhatsApp 2019 APK

Download WhatsApp 2019 APK

Download WhatsApp 2019 APK Latest Version WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messenger available for Android and also various other mobile phones. WhatsApp utilizes your 3G or WiFi (when available) to message with good friends and also family. Switch over from SMS to WhatsApp to send and obtain messages, photos, audio notes, and also video clip messages.

Download WhatsApp 2019 APK Latest Version

Download WhatsApp 2019 APK Latest Version

WhatsApp APK 2019 Review

Simply a few years ago, messaging services that sought to replace SMS were scarce. Among them, WhatsApp rapidly got a reputation, particularly abroad, as the leader in the area. Flaunting hundreds of hundreds of users, it was the solution. Yet a lot has actually changed since we last took a formal check out WhatsApp. The mobile messaging area is currently extremely crowded, and also, while WhatsApp has included vital new features like Internet messaging and also voice calls given that my last review, it has actually started to reveal its age.

Though Download WhatsApp 2019 APK Latest Version was bought by Facebook for a staggering sum it is still significantly to life, now covering 800 million individuals, and readily available on iphone, Android, BlackBerry, as well as Windows Phone together with more rarified platforms like Symbian gadgets. WhatsApp is likewise still free to download and also make use of for one year, as well as it costs a mere 99 cents annually then.

A lot of mobile messaging services, like Facebook Messenger, need you to create an account of some type. Not so with WhatsApp APK 2019. Instead, you type in your contact number, which WhatsApp verifies with a text. The service after that offers to scour your personal digital assistant for contact number from various other individuals, and automatically adds them as close friends. This isn’t really precisely optional; in my testing, I found that if a get in touch with had not been in my phone’s address publication, they just weren’t readily available in WhatsApp.

On one hand, this setup maintains WhatsApp super light as well as very easy to make use of. It’s likewise a fundamental security measure, considering that somebody would have to spoof your phone number (or steal your phone) to pose you. On the other hand, it implies that your WhatsApping is restricted to a single gadget. You can enlist as numerous phones as you desire, however your friends will certainly need all those numbers detailed in their address books. Facebook Messenger, on the various other hand, presses all your messages amongst all your tools (and the Web) for optimum visibility.

Likewise, requiring a telephone number for confirmation implies that you’re restricted to tools that have a contact number. Tablet individuals run out good luck. Naturally, you can make use of a phone to authorize your tablet, yet I swerve.


Given that my last review, little has actually altered cosmetically in WhatsApp. Messages still show up in threaded conversations by individual. You could still alter the background of each message string, and also there are still countless various other modification tweaks. I was expecting a freshened user interface, maybe more in accordance with that of Facebook Messenger, but WhatsApp’s UI is largely the same.

WhatsApp Messenger (for Android) WhatsApp lets you send person-to-person messages, however you can additionally send a group message to as much as 10 individuals and also assign a title for the discussion, such as “Max’s Birthday celebration.” These job as you ‘d expect: Messages sent out to the group are submitted in a special thread, separate from various other discussions. Individuals could conveniently unsubscribe and also fine-tune their notifications, so no one has actually to really feel spammed with group messages.

Conversely, you could create a “broadcast message.” This works a little like a blind carbon-copy. If you send a program message to Alice, Bob, as well as Condolezza, it will certainly look like if you sent out the message directly to them. Program messages show up threaded in receivers’ existing discussions with you, not in a different string as team messages do. This is a little bit complicated, but it’s plainly a powerful communication device, and it’s one that’s distinct to WhatsApp.

In addition to text messages, you could send out pictures, audio clips, video clip clips (approximately 16MB), and also (ultimately) emojis. You could additionally attach data, places, and get in touch with cards. When, every one of these were features hard to find outside WhatsApp, today I seem like they’ve become commonplace. Visibly missing are stickers, which have been adopted by significant platforms like Editors’ Option Viber as well as are (in my mind) the killer function of Facebook Messenger.

Beyond Mobile.

WhatsApp 2019 Messenger APK (for Android) WhatsApp lately turned out voice calling and also the capability to make use of the messaging solution via an Internet site. Android was the initial to get these attributes, though voice calling has actually because come to iPhone as well. This rollout is a little bit strange, nevertheless, as Facebook Messenger had voice calling long before WhatsApp.

A brand-new Calls tab left wing shows your current telephone calls, as well as you can make a brand-new one by tapping the phone icon. Similar to text talks, you could just call (as well as see the get in touch with details of) WhatsApp individuals that are in your get in touch with listing. I discovered that calls connected swiftly, and also they were very crisp on my Motorola Moto X. There was a slight lag, however it appeared just somewhat longer than that of a cellphone phone call and also did not influence my capacity to bring on a discussion. WhatsApp’s VoIP setup is full duplex, so individuals need not stress over reducing each various other off by chatting over them.

I do like that, like Skype, WhatsApp lets you toggle in between voice telephone calls and message messages without disruption, so you can send images or messages as well as still talk. Notably, you could not add even more participants, indicating telephone calls are strictly person-to-person. WhatsApp still does not sustain live video clip chatting, an attribute embraced by many modern-day messengers, consisting of Skype, Viber, and also the ephemeral Snapchat.

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Internet messaging might appear like a no-brainer; after all, you could reach Facebook Messenger with at the very least 2 applications and 2 websites. Yet keep in mind that WhatsApp does not have accounts, and provides no qualifications really to visit with.

WhatsApp’s remedy is rather elegant. To couple your phone with the web site, you send your web browser to web.whatsapp.com and tap the WhatsApp Web link from the menu. After that, put the QR code that shows up in your web browser because your smartphone’s video camera, and like magic the 2 are paired. Messages will start to flow effortlessly and also right away amongst your phone, the Internet, and individuals with which you are chatting. Though I observed a few aesthetic bugs, I was extremely amazed with the smooth, refined feel of the WhatsApp internet site and also hope that this style will certainly also at some point make its means to the WhatsApp application.

WhatsApp Messenger (for Android).

WhatsApp plainly advises versus the biggest problem with their Web messaging: While attached, your phone remains in constant interaction with WhatsApp, shuttling messages to your phone and also after that back to the Internet service. This could add a great deal of data, and WhatsApp advises that you just make use of the Web service when attached via Wi-Fi. Note likewise that if your phone sheds connectivity somehow (say you vacate series of Wi-Fi) the Internet messenger will discontinue to work. Messages sent while offline will, fortunately, be re-threaded right into the conversation when connectivity is brought back.

A couple of years back, Download WhatsApp 2019 APK Latest Version was synonymous with 2 things: overseas universality and also a bad protection track record. WhatsApp’s programmers needed to pivot after individuals complained concerning exactly how the application hoovered up their whole address book, which the app not techniques. The popularity of the application has likewise made it a target for fraudsters and also cyberpunks, like the individuals behind a service that sells taken WhatsApp chatlogs.

Thankfully, the most up to date WhatsApp protection news is very positive. In November 2014, WhatsApp announced that it had actually partnered with WhisperSystems, the group behind the security concentrated TextSecure, RedPhone, and Signal for iPhone. The useful upshot is that, according to WhisperSystems, “billions of encrypted messages are being traded daily.” At the time, this left out media messages and also team talks, though the designer assured that those were next on the listing.

That stated, message file encryption appears just to be among Android customers, and it’s not clear when and also how messages are protected. WhatsApp needs to add some ways, maybe a symbol, to fix this. Directly, I’ll be sticking to apps like TextSecure or Editors’ Choice Wickr when I desire guarantee that my messages are safe and secure.

If your objective is to significantly lower (or get rid of) your SMS texting bill, you can go a lengthy method towards that goal with WhatsApp. The just recently introduced VoIP features could also cut your demand for a voice plan, as well as the Web messenger makes it even simpler to remain in touch with your friends. And you’ll nearly certainly be pleasantly surprised at the variety of close friends you already have on the service. If you discover on your own talking with friends overseas, this app might be a prerequisite.

However regardless of the new functions and also better safety and security, I’m a bit disappointed in WhatsApp. It has continued to be strangely static when faced with growing competitors. Its brand-new functions seem like half-measures, as well as its core functions– free texting without a message strategy, sending out sound clips and images– have actually already been adopted by first-party service providers like Apple with Messages, Google with Hangouts, and Skype for Windows Phone. It’s worth absolutely nothing that those solutions also offer video chat, unlike WhatsApp. Even Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, seems to have actually repeated much faster and much more impressively with its Messenger solution. And now Twitter has presented exclusive group chats, too.

Taking into consideration all these adjustments, I wonder if there is still a real benefit to WhatsApp over any of these other solutions. Those first-party services are already offered on your phone, or you can think about Viber, our Editors’ Selection for Android voice and also messaging applications.

Download WhatsApp APK 2019 Latest Version for Android

File name: WhatsApp.apk
Version: 2.18.379
File size: 31.5 MB
Minimum Android version: Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API 14)

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