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Avast Internet Security 2020 free Download – Avast Internet Security 2020 is one way to secure your computer from this danger is to install computer protection applications. From several computer protection options and security applications, especially those that support Macs, I tried Avast Free Mac Security. Avast is an application security company founded in 1988 and based in Prague, Czech Republic. The company continues to evolve, and to improve its services, on 2016 September, Avast acquired AVG Technologies, a Dutch-based company, which was also involved in the security of the application. The Avast Passwords service is an additional free service, while Avast Secure Line VPN requires a license that can be purchased separately. Avast Shields is an application to scan for viruses and malicious programs located on a Mac.

It could be accidentally, the system downloads this program from e-mail or when visiting certain sites. After installing, I then do a scan on my Mac. I did not expect, all this time I thought my Mac was safe, apparently Avast Shields found and secured hundreds of files that were suspected and potentially dangerous. These files are, on average, from e-mails that have entered the spam box. I do use the e-mail client application to pull emails from various email services. I do not recommend this method, because it could be dangerous to the computer, but for the sake of fulfilling curiosity, I do this dangerous thing. Sure enough, once I open the URL that contains malware or viruses, a warning immediately appears and my browser page displays a site-blocking page Avast Internet Security 2020

Avast Online Security prevented me from going further. Avast Passwords help me to save passwords for each of the services I use. I only need to remember the main Avast Password. Avast Passwords provides an autofill facility, where with a single click, the contents of the fields on the service login page will be filled and entered immediately without the hassle of typing. Avast Passwords also helped me get random passwords that were difficult to guess and safe to use. The password combination can be set whether to use uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Avast Passwords can also import passwords stored in the Chrome browser or from similar applications. Interestingly, this service can also be used on the iPhone, by installing the Avast Password application from iTunes, and Android by installing the Avast Password application from Google Play. Saved passwords will be synchronized with each device, so there is no need to bother remembering passwords when opening a laptop or cell phone. Avast Passwords service can be used free of charge. Avast Internet Security 2020 free Download

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